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About the Comic
I'm not much of an artist, and I'm not much of a writer, and by that logic, I probably shouldn't be doing a webcomic all by myself.

Be that as it may, I've been working on Trunks & Soto for a few years now, and the life of it really belongs to Soto, within his creativity both in story and in art. Every once in a while, he will need a break, and I'll do a step-in, and people will write me and tell me they like it better. The fact of the matter is that Trunks & Soto isn't bad, the Soto isn't a bad writer or artist (far from it), but his story isn't something that everyone can sink their teeth into. People don't always have an attention span, and a week is a long time to wait for the next page of a story.

I guess that's where I come in. My attention span is probably shorter than most people's, so I think that my little rapid bursts tend to hit the right cues in a wider variety of people, so that's why I do it.

As for a schedule, well, that's an issue. I'm devoted to Trunks & Soto, and this is my mistress on the side. My only hope is that she'll be understanding that my e-wife is important to me, and that she's the whore that lets me leak my creative fluids when the other one's on her rag.

And that might be the worst metaphor of all time.

About the Author
My name's Fred Wood, I'm a, well, what, designer? Artist? Someone who likes to make stuff. That's what I am. Born in San Antonio, moved to Houston, a Texan born and raised. Freelance artist, flatter, web designer, whatever else. Gun for hire, so to speak. I work from home and go to school to study game design. I wanna teach, and I wanna make, and that's my dream.

Been doing Webcomics as long as I've been on the internet, my track record includes two sprite comics (That's My Trunks, Red Controller) a couple of collaborative comics (Trunks & Soto, GG-Guys), and now my own series (Sure to be Ban'd). Proud to be part of FireBall20XL and a proud brand manager on Shark Robot. I also find myself often contributing to the cause put forth by my good friends at Halolz. I've also released one PC game in a couple of different flavors, and I call it Love.

And when I'm not working, I love to play games, particularly the Halo series, or nerding out about any of my other fandoms.

You can get a hold of me pretty easily at my e-mail (thatsmytrunks@gmail.com) or by @'ing me via Twitter. I always try to respond, so don't hesitate to drop me a line.
Sure to be Ban'd by Fred Wood. Complaints should be sent to fred.t.wood@gmail.com.